Salary payments

At the end of 2009, Outokumpu employed 7 606 people in over 30 countries (2008: 8 471 people). The number of employees was lower than in the previous year because personnel had to be adjusted to take account of lower delivery volumes that are clearly below the Group's maximum production capacity. The closure of Sheffield Special Strip, reduced melting capacity and other adjustments at Sheffield in the UK resulted in the loss of some 350 jobs. In Sweden, personnel adjustments at a number of sites led to approximately 400 jobs being lost. Adjustments also had to be made in other countries including temporary layoffs.

Salary payments including pensions and other benefits paid by Outokumpu in 2009 reduced by 15% to EUR 398 million (2008: EUR 466 million). Bonuses received by Group staff in 2009 were based on both some financial results achieved and key performance indicators defined in 2008. The Group's benefit plans for employees vary by country.

Wages, salaries and other employee benefits by country 1)
€ million 2009 2008 2007
Finland  147 163 163
Sweden  128 168 152
The UK  37 49 44
Other Europe  57 53 45
Other countries  31 33 38
Total  398 466 443


1)  Accounting principles have been adjusted to better meet the GRI guidelines. The comparative figures have been restated.

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